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For many decades, hundreds of thousands of birds have found the Salton Sea to be their permanent or temporary home to rest, breed or forage while traveling long distances during spring and fall migrations.  Records have shown that over 400 species of birds have been seen in the Salton Sea and the surrounding area. The Salton Sea is of critical importance to wildlife since it is the stopover area of some endangered or threatened species including the California Brown Pelican, American White Pelican, American Peregrine Falcon and Little Willow Flycatcher. 

Unfortunately, due to the decreasing amount of water flowing into the sea and its current evaporation rate, the sea is shrinking and the habitat is in danger. The current count of many of those species has decreased gradually as the sea level decreases and salinity increases. Salt concentration will lessen fish count which will further weaken resources for birds.  


Salton Sea's Bird

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