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Air Mitigation Efforts

In order to address the causes of poor air quality in the area and its impact to public health, the Salton Sea Management Program has considered the implications of water-dependent and waterless dust suppression efforts. As more playa is exposed each year, the SSMP is aiming to cover between 9,000 acres to 12,000 acres for dust suppression and habitat projects in the short-term. Medium-term goals will attempt to cover 18,000 acres to 25,000 acres of exposed playa.

Water-dependent projects will provide fish and wildlife habitat, especially for birds that migrate through the Salton Sea basin. Irrigated vegetation will be strategically placed to provide an effective means to mitigate dust that the wind causes to become airborne.

Water-dependent projects

Waterless dust suppression techniques require significantly less operation and maintenance than the water-dependent techniques. These waterless techniques enhance with the geography of the land surrounding the sea, and are designed to decrease the likelihood of dust being lifted by winds.

Waterless measures

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