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School Flag Program

The School Flag Program is a State-funded program to help protect children and the community at large from bad air quality. The School Flag Program uses brightly colored flags to help children, parents, school personnel, and the community become aware of daily air quality conditions.


Participating schools raise a colored ag each day that corresponds to their local air quality forecast according to the Air Quality Index, which indicates how clean or polluted the air is for that day. When members of the school and the surrounding community know what the daily air quality is, they can move children’s activities indoors to reduce their exposure to air pollution. The purpose of the school ag program is to help children continue to exercise while reducing the risk of suffering an asthma attack.

“The School Flag Program empowers the students greatly. It spotlights a daily community issue that affects us all. The program beckons for student engagement & voice. It assists K-12 educators in teaching Civic/Enviro literacy as per multiple state frameworks.”

Jose Flores

Brawley Union High School Teacher

Learning Task Force Advisor, CA Dept. of Education

Instructional Quality Commissioner

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Participating Schools

  • Phil Swing Elementary School, Brawley, CA
  • Brawley Union High School, Brawley, CA
  • Miguel Hidalgo School, Brawley, CA
  • Myron D. Witter Elementary School, Brawley CA
  • Barbara Worth JR High, Brawley, CA 
  • Oakley Elementary, Brawley, CA
  • Miguel Hidalgo Elementary, Brawley, CA
  • Blanche Charles Elementary School, Calexico, CA
  • Dool Elementary School, Calexico CA
  • Bill E Young Jr. Middle School, Calipatria, CA
  • Calipatria High School, Calipatria, CA
  • Fremont Primary School, Calipatria, CA
  • Wilson Jr. High School, El Centro, CA
  • Sunflower Elementary School, El Centro CA

  • Meadows Elementary School, El Centro, CA
  • Kennedy Middle School, El Centro, CA
  • Washington Elementary, El Centro, CA
  • Heber Elementary School, Heber CA 
  • Finely Elementary, Holtville, CA 
  • Holtville High School, Holtville, CA

  • Holtville Middle School, Holtville, CA

  • Grace Smith School, Niland, CA
  • West Shores High School, Salton City, CA
  • Seeley Elementary School, Seeley, CA
  • Westmorland Elementary School, Westmorland, CA
  • Cesar Chavez Elementary School, Coachella, CA

  • Sea View Elementary School, Salton City, CA

  • Valley View Elementary School, Coachella, CA

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