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Community Outreach

Education & Engagement Program


The Salton Sea Community Outreach, Education & Engagement Program (COEE) has been created to help children, students, school personnel, parents, local leaders and community-at-large learn about the Salton Sea, be aware of its current situation, understand the impacts it has on their health, be more participative in the decision making process and be aware of the short-term and long-term plans for the management of the Salton Sea. 


Outreach Imperial County and Coachella Valley residents to inform them about the Salton Sea’s current situation, short-term mitigation solutions and future management proposals.


Educate Imperial County and Coachella Valley residents regarding Salton Sea’s current situation, its impact to public health and management effort.


Engage community members to use the resources and tools available and encourage public participation in the decision making process while attending meetings, workshops and local events. 


The Salton Sea Today & Tomorrow

Despite the ending of mitigation water flows at the end of 2017, total estimated inflows to the Salton Sea remain stable overall. In 2022, total inflow was 1,043 thousand acre-feet, lower than the inflow in 2021 and approximately the same as the inflow in 2019 but some studies suggest that by 2028 that number is likely to increase to an estimated 48,300 acres. While recent inflows (2016–2023) have remained relatively stable, they are nonetheless much lower than the rate of evaporative loss from the surface of the Sea. For this reason, the Sea continues to decline in elevation, and the salt concentration of the water will continue to increase over time, thereby threatening fish, birds, and wildlife. The receding sea will also expose more lakebed, leading to greater dust emission and posing a public health risk to Imperial and Riverside Counties.

Within the last forty years, numerous plans and projects had been brought forward with little success due to conflicting efforts and funding constraints. But, the most current effort to improve air quality and preserve fish, birds, and wildlife is the Salton Sea Management Program (SSMP).


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